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Alfaparf Exfoliating Scrub

Alfaparf Exfoliating Scrub


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Alfaparf’s Exfoliating scrub for scalp suffering from dandruff: gently purifies the scalp. Its macromolecular structure protects the hair fiber from pollutants and heavy metals by carrying out a film-forming action. Microbiotic system maintain the balance of the scalp through a combination of probiotics and prebiotics. Pure-set Complex is a pool of active ingredients that reduces skin peeling of the scalp and counteracting the formation of dry and oily dandruff. Purifying action helps to maintain and normalise sebum production. Sulphate free formula works gently on the scalp and hair, while providing a rich and creamy foam without weighing the hair down. Colour Fix Complex contains UV Filters and antioxidants to protect and maintain radiant colour while preventing fading.

Key Benefits:

Jelly texture enriched with micrograins.
Develops a rich foam in contact with water.
Sensation of wellbeing and deep cleansing.
Color Fix Complex
Microbiotic System for scalp balance
Pure-Set Complex reduces peeling and couunteracts the formation of dry and oily dandruff
How to use:

Apply to dry scalp. Massage gently. Add a little water and massage until it turns into foam. Rinse thoroughly.

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